The Iowa Sports Foundation Team

Front row left to right: Cory Kennedy, Clarence Hudson, Nicole Bruce, Governor Terry Branstad, Traci Kepley and Emily Bisbee

Back row left to right: Lisa Weber, Ryan Vogt, Mike Boone and Kevin Bourke (not pictured Kim Abels, Ryan Merritt)


Kevin Bourke
888.777.8881 x 101

executive director
Clarence Hudson
888.777.8881 x 104


Kim Abels
Sports & Special Events Director
888.777.8881 x 105

Emily Bisbee
Live Healthy Iowa Coordinator
888.777.8881 x 102

Mike Boone
Director of Adaptive Sports Iowa
888.777.8881 x 115

Nicole Bruce
Health Initiatives Director
888.777.8881 x 118

Zach Elsbecker
Assistant Sports Director
888.777.8881 x 103

Cory Kennedy
Marketing and Communications Director
888.777.8881 x 106 

Traci Kepley
Health Initiatives Coordinator
888.777.8881 x 111